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Lower Preschool

how we organise the preschool

Your child is now learning to communicate with others with rapidly developing language, and is learning social skills and how to be caring towards others. They are building independence and the ability to form friendships, they enjoy chatting to adults and other children and enjoy sharing experiences.

For quieter periods there are opportunities to rest. At this age children start to drop their lunchtime sleep, so while some may still have a short nap we ensure the others have quiet restful time when we cultivate a love of books through reading stories together in our cosy book corner or perhaps do puzzles together.

Your child is likely to be enjoying outdoor physical play at this age so we make sure there are plenty of opportunities to play outside in our large garden running, jumping, exploring and having as many learning experiences as possible in the fresh air.

staff in the preschool room

Our team are there to support your child in learning to play with others and building their confidence. When your child settles into our lower preschool we will offer them lots of opportunities to interact with the team, making natural bonds with them. As soon as it is clear who they get on with the best we will make that member of the team their special key person and offer lots of opportunities to build this relationship, ensuring your child is happy and supported and progressing well.

We have 1 member of the team looking after a maximum of 4 children 2-3 at any one time and 1 member of of the team looking after a maximum of 8 children aged 3-4. The team concentrate on supporting the children to be ready for their final stage with us in Upper Preschool and that big important leap; the transition to big school! We aim to create a love of learning in your child, to encourage their growing independence and build their confidence. Our days are carefully structured and we work to our daily and weekly planning which ensures we deliver the curriculum fully but for your child it feels very active, fun and free.

routine in the preschool room

We have a daily routine with meals and rest at fixed times. Young children respond really well to routine and it helps them relax and enjoy the day if they can predict what happens next. In the morning the children are all encouraged to self register by putting their own name or picture on the registration board when they arrive.

Mornings start with breakfast for our early birds (served until 8.30am) followed by playtime until 10am. We then have a morning snack followed by outdoor play, then lunch at 11.30, then quiet play or story time until 1.30pm. The afternoon is structured in the same way with a mix of structured adult led activities and the opportunity for the children to play with the toys they want both indoors and outdoors with a snack at 3.30pm. After tea there are more opportunities to play and explore both indoors and outdoors and depending on the weather we may spend all afternoon outside and have a picnic tea in our lovely garden!

We work to our weekly planning of activities based on our observations of the children and the EYFS curriculum. We ensure every child is given opportunities to learn all aspects of the curriculum through a wide range of play activities which suit their individual style of learning which we will have an understanding of from our observations.

First thing in the morning and again at 1.30pm when the afternoon session begins the room is all set up with a variety of different areas of play such as craft, construction, and role play. A varied selection of toys and activities such as painting or water play are laid out in different areas around the room. The toys in each area change regularly so your child can try new things and it is organised such that your child can turn up and get straight into playing with what they are interested in. There is always a structured activity such as making and playing with playdough. The current topic the children are studying will be the starting point for a lot of the day’s activities eg. if the children are learning about houses they may build a house in a junk modelling session or paint a picture of their own house, they may build a “house” in the garden using crates and tarpaulin etc and there will be information about houses such as books and photos on the interest table. Your child will also always have times in the day when they can choose what activity they want to do from a wide range of options which change regularly.

In the lower preschool we start learning French as an additional language. We have a special teacher that comes into the nursery with lots of fun activities, songs and games. Children are very receptive to learning languages at this age and it’s always exciting to see how quickly they pick it up!


We have a professional cook who prepares freshly cooked healthy meals at nursery every day. Our cook prepares the food to suit the lower preschooler’s stage of development and sometimes the cook will do a cooking activity with the children which is always popular!

We promote healthy eating and good table manners and get the children to help set the table, pour water for themselves and others and use the special serving dishes and spoons to plate up their own meals.

personal care & hygiene

Preschoolers are encouraged to be independent and get used to taking themselves to the toilet with adult supervision. They are taught basic hygiene including handwashing. They are only ever supervised by DBS checked members of the team.

Your child will have their own their own cup and will be encouraged to wash their hands and face after each mealtime. You are welcome to bring a toothbrush to nursery and we will ensure they brush their teeth after lunch if you wish.

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