Hadden Hill

telephone01235 813202

North Moreton, Didcot OX11 9BJ

white Open 7.30am to 6pm - 52 weeks

Ofsted Good GP Colour
in all areas
February 2018

“a warm and welcoming nursery where children are happy and feel safe and secure”

“good quality play and learning experiences”

“children are keen to learn and make good progress”

“children interact positively with each other... and learn to be kind and helpful”

“children are well prepared for the next stage in their learning including school”

Ofsted February 2018


Tailored for each stage of development


Our nursery is quite small and intimate and we try to have occasions where children of different ages get together for a play which is especially nice for siblings. Most of the time though your child will be in a room specifically designed for their stage of development. This allows us to set each room up and provide equipment that is ideal for your child's needs as they grow. For example; our baby room has a safe and comfortable area where your baby can learn to roll and crawl and explore with equipment designed for their limited mobility. We provide soft cuddly toys, treasure baskets to explore and toys for chewing and as they find their feet we have areas perfect for cruising around the furniture and lots of wheeled toys to support their wobbly little legs as they learn to walk. 

In the preschool your child is developing good gross and fine motor skills (gross motor skills are the ability to do things like climb and jump, fine motor skills are the ability to form letters with a pencil or use scissors to cut out shapes for example). Your 3 year old may want to do construction with big pieces of wood or drawing with coloured pencils. As children get older we offer more challenging toys and facilities to meet their changing needs and ensure there is plenty of scope for new challenges.

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