Hadden Hill

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who works at The Hadden Hill Nursery & Preschool?

Our children spend their time with caring and gentle adults who are fun to be around and who genuinely love being with them.  Our nursery is small and intimate and all the staff know all the children well.  All our staff are well qualified for their role.  Everyone is trained in first aid and safeguarding. All our staff are encouraged and supported in further training in general childcare and in more specialised areas such as Special Educational Needs and also in practical skills like food hygiene. 

Read on and learn more about the team or call us to arrange an appointment and meet us properly!


I'm a qualified Nursery Nurse and have worked with children at Hadden Hill for 3 years now and love children! I'm a big softie so they get lots of cuddles from me! I like exploring outdoor learning with the children and love messy play. I have a horse called "bug" who I love to ride outside work and I'm a very caring person. 


Hi I'm Charlene and I'm the Nursery Manager.  I'm a Qualified Nursery Nurse with 9 years experience working with young children.  Running the Hadden Hill nursery is a dream come true for me as I have a great passion for children of all ages and love to watch them grow and develop. In my spare time I love to shop and spend lots of time with my large family of six brothers and sisters, two of whom have special needs.


I run the baby room and enjoy giving the babies lots of cuddles and attention and together we have fun doing messy play and creative activities. I have been working at the nursery for three years now and it is my first job in childcare. I love the nursery! I enjoy spending lots of time outside work with my niece and nephew who are three and seven and we enjoy swimming and planning fun days out together. 

Hi I'm Kristy and I run the Preschool room. I previously worked in a school as a teacher but have come back to Early Years as I love the boundless enthusuasm and excitement for learning you get at this age. I love this warm and friendly nursery as it feels very cosy and homely and we have a very strong team here.  I really love doing interesting experiments in areas like science with the children and stretching their knowledge into new areas.


I'm the Nursery Cook.  I  love to cook and I also spend some time caring for the children as I'm studying to be a Nursery Nurse too.  I love the healthy menus I have to prepare each day for the children as their meals are packed with good quality fresh produce.  We have lots of tried and tested recipes that the children really tuck into. I enjoy trying out new recipes and finding out what they think! Our parents are delighted at the variety of healthy food their "fussy eaters" eat up at nursery and I enjoy supporting them with meals at home. I also sometimes do cooking with the children which we all really enjoy. I have Skye my lovely dog who I enjoy long country walks with outside of nursery.