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A happy child or your money back

Our children love their time with us (look below at what our parents say). They build social skills, make friends and learn through play. We understand choosing childcare is a big decision so we have an initial free play date with you and your child to help you get to know us, then 2 free settling-in sessions before you start. If you're not absolutely delighted you can cancel your place at any time for any reason within your first 30 days and we will give you a full refund for any childcare paid for but not used.

Hadden Hill Nursery and Preschool Didcot

Open Monday to Friday 7.30 am-6.00pm for children from 3 months to 5 years old

From birth to 5 is when our children are shaped into the people they will become so it’s vital young children get a good start in life.  All our children get an excellent start in life through our high quality delivery of the OFSTED Early Years Curriculum.

Our team are warm, caring and highly qualified; our nursery is small, relaxed and friendly; our team know all our children well and provide planned, structured, varied and exciting play with kind encouragement and support. We play and learn everyday in fun, exciting ways, and develop important social skills for school and life.

Our facilities are designed for each child’s age and stage with a large rural garden and lots of toys to play with.

Choosing the best childcare for you is a big decision so please arrange to come and see us to find out more.



Our Nursery

Babies up to 18 months and Toddlers up to 30 months.

The nursery has a baby room and a toddler room. Each room is set up for the child’s stage of development with toys and equipment they can use safely and lots of opportunity to play, explore, learn and feel challenged.

Our team in each room are specialists in caring for children of that age and will get to know your child well including  what activities they enjoy, when they need sleeps and feeds and cuddles and when they are ready for playtime!

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Our Preschool

From about 30 months to 5 years

We have a separate Lower and Upper Preschool. The Lower preschool is from 30 months to around 3 years. The Upper preschool is from around 3 years until starting school.

We focus now on preparing our children for structure in their day and the independence that will ensure they make a smooth transition to big school.

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Meet our team

All our team love working with children

Our team are warm, caring and highly motivated. We encourage everyone to get qualifications in childcare by sponsoring formal qualifications courses; we train everyone in Health and safety, safeguarding, paediatric first aid and more; and do our own monthly in-house training to keep everyone up to date on all our policies and procedures, and share new ideas for learning through play as well as best practice in childcare.

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Safe, happy & learning

Tried and tested procedures to keep your child safe

Safety is our top priority. Detailed policies and procedures govern how the nursery is run day to day and are reviewed regularly. They mean we manage everything such as security and food intolerances consistently and we follow all Public Health England Covid 19 Early Years guidance.

Where relevant, records are kept of how things have been managed. All our policies are guided by and comply with Ofsted requirements on keeping children safe.

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Play for each age & stage

Carefully planned play with age - appropriate resources

Every child has their own key worker who will observe them at play to learn what they are interested in and plan play activities for their interests that will help them learn and grow all led by the Early Years Curriculum. All our toys and equipment are specific to your child’s changing needs at each age and stage so we keep children safe, challenged and interested.

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Everything we do is designed around your child

We’ll plan our day’s activities around what your child enjoys and is interested in.  We gently encourage each child to extend their learning to cover all areas of learning in our early years curriculum so they become enthusiastic and independent learners prepared for the new challenges of big school.

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Prices and help with fees

contact us to discuss the hours you want

Fees will vary depending on the hours you want and the age of your child.

To help with the cost of childcare there is  government funding for 2 and 3 year olds and you can also benefit from  government voucher schemes.

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Delicious, healthy and 5*****rated

home-cooked food

Our chef is passionate about giving our children tasty, healthy freshly cooked meals every day and the children invariably devour it all! Even our fussy eaters.
We introduce the children to all kinds of food from different cultures from fish pie to mild curry while carefully accommodating food intolerances and preferences along the way.
We support local producers too and buy most of our fresh produce from local growers.

As the children love our food so much we’ve put some of their favourite recipes into the nursery blog so you can have a go at home.

Read what our parents say about us

We’re top rated on and here are some of the kind words our parents have had to say about us

"I have been particularly impressed with the pre-school class which provides an outstanding level of basic education far superior to that my son receives when he attends a preschool elsewhere for two days per week".

S Worsley

"My son has learnt so much and is always talking about his friends at nursery and what he does there. Where else would a child get to roll around in jelly!!"

K Davis

"I love picking my son up as he's all smiles and full of tales of his day. I'm always amazed at how often he chats at bed time about what he has been learning. The outside space is fantastic for all ages."

E Rudman