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Our Preschool

creating enthusiastic and independent learners

Lower Preschool

Supporting growing independence

Our lower preschoolers are developing emergent language and starting to string together short sentences. They’re making sense of the world around them, starting to focus their interests, starting to build those all important friendships and learning how to manage their feelings and behaviour.

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Making sense of their world

Explore all sorts of play both indoors and outdoors. Enjoy mud kitchens,  den building and forest play, use junk modelling to build a house, dress up as superheroes with your friends.  Our children find what interests them and are encouraged to pursue their interests as much as they like.

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Lower preschool daily routine, care and meals

All meals are provided and include breakfast for our early birds, a mid morning snack of fruit and milk, hot cooked lunch and pudding, and afternoon tea of sandwiches or similar with fruit. Nappies, wipes and creams are also provided.

In lower preschool we build independence and prepare your child for upper preschool. We'll take your child through the process of toilet training when they are ready and support parents in doing this at home; we also respond to each individual child's need for a lunchtime nap as most children gradually drop their lunchtime sleep at this stage. 


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Building social skills and independent learning

At this age your child is learning social skills -how to play together with others, make friends and be caring towards others.  Through caring and knowledgeable adult support and planned group activities we encourage these all important life skills and always enable each child to explore their play in whatever way interests them.

Upper Preschool

Preparing your child for school

The emphasis now is on ensuring your child has the independence and resilience to be ready for the structured day at school.

Creating independent learners

We foster the excitement for learning children have at this age and build on it to encourage our children to become successful and happy life-long learners.

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Well planned play is central to children’s learning

Their learning is both challenging and fun.  We develop long term plans to deliver the curriculum as well as weekly plans based around the children’s current interests and developmental journeys.

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Encouraging social skills

In an age where children are overexposed to technology and social media we build a strong foundation in social skills. Talking and listening to adults and other children, inventing games,  playing old, well-loved games with friends and the art of conversation together.