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Meals are all supplied at nursery and cooked fresh on site each day by our nursery cook who will puree fresh food appropriate to your baby’s needs.  We encourage your baby to progress to feeding themselves as soon as they are ready (and this can be very messy at times but we are used to that!). We’ll give your baby any milk feeds (formula or expressed milk - please supply whatever you want us to give) you wish them to have and mothers are also welcome to come in and feed their baby themselves if they are able.

Nappies creams and wipes are provided by us and we’ll change your baby when necessary on a hygienically clean changing mat which is wiped down after each use. Staff wear latex gloves and change them for each child.

Your baby will have their own flannel for face wiping which is washed after each use, their own bedding and beaker, and eating and drinking equipment in sterilised for up to 1 year olds.

We are used to managing allergies and intolerances of all sorts and you will be given forms to complete before you start to ensure we know all about any your child may have.

Culham nursery has a 5 star kitchen and will only feed your child fresh food

Culham Nursery supplies all meals, nappies and creams