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A home from home for your baby or toddler 

Stimulation and exploration for your curious baby

When you visit the baby room we will ask you to remove your shoes to keep the floor clean and hygienic. The baby room is set up to give young babies a safe environment where they are safe and free to explore as much as they want to and we have lots of stimulation for curious young babies.

There’s a soft and comfy play area with cushions and areas for young babies to sit up with support and play or crawl and explore safely. We have a black and white area as these are the first colours young babies can see. Typically babies can see the full spectrum of colours by 5 months so the room is full of bright and stimulating displays to attract their interest.

The room is equipped with soft toys, mobiles, pictures and mirrors, We also have a messy area with a special low table and chairs  which is used for messy play like squeeing fingers through jelly . Babies love tactile play and activities like painting and early mark making. This is great fun for all and not necessarily something it’s easy to do at home.

We encourage “heuristic play” such as rummaging in “treasure baskets” filled with items made from all sorts of everyday materials such as wooden musical instruments, metal whisks, cloth, ribbon, pebbles, shakers etc to let the babies find out for themselves how everything feels and tastes and sounds.

Toys are used to stimulate your baby and encourage them to explore and learn