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Toddlers' daily routine, care and meals

In this room up to the age of 2 we still have 1 team member looking after a maximum of 3 children at any one time. Over 2's have 1 team member looking after up to 4 children.  We still have our key worker system and as in the baby room we have settling-in sessions in the lead up to your child moving into the room so they get a chance to gradually familiarise themselves with the environment and bond with the team in their new room.

Their key worker will again be the person they have the strongest connection with during these settling-in sessions,  the key worker will spend a lot of time getting to know your child well and learning about what they enjoy playing with and their personal care needs.

We introduce more structure into the toddlers’ day than we have in the baby room.  Meals and sleep are at fixed times as young children respond really well to routine and it helps them relax and enjoy the day if they can predict what happens next. Toddlers feed themselves at meal times and we sit together round the table - we use times like this to practice conversation and learn vocabulary for food for example.

We provide all nappies and creams and your toddler will be changed as and when needed on a hygienically cleaned changing mat which is wiped down after each use. Most children will go through potty training at this stage and we are very used to working with parents to do this as smoothly as possible when your child is ready. Many parents get anxious about this, but our experienced staff support parents all the way through the process with hints and tips, best ways to do it and helping you decide when is best to do it. We also teach the children good hygiene habits like washing their hands when they go to the toilet and before meals.

Culham Nursery key working helping a toddler to read

Toddler learning to wash their hands