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Our Preschool

Creating enthusiastic and independent learners

Lower preschool daily routine, care and meals

Your child will do settling-in sessions before moving up into the lower preschool and will get the opportunity to get to know the other children and the team in their new room. They will continue to have a key worker who will again be the person they have the strongest connection with during these settling in sessions. The key worker will spend a lot of time getting to know your child well and learning about what they enjoy playing with and their personal care needs.

We introduce more independence into the day now; children feed themselves at meal times, serve each other drinks, we sit together round the table and practice good table manners and enjoy conversation together. 

We encourage them to be more independent when using the bathroom,  learning when they need to go to the bathroom and starting to take themselves there independently. We continue to reinforce good hygiene habits like washing their hands when they go to the toilet and before meals.


Lower preschool children exploring possibilities

Lower preschool development in an outside space